Getting Started with Blended Learning

I’m proud to announce my new book from ASCD!  It’s jam-packed with great ideas I’ve collected over the years.  Order now on Amazon or here on the ASCD website!  Also, check out this recent blog post that features some great ideas for using blended learning for your own professional development.

Getting Started with Belnded Learning

Imagine It Better

Imagine It BetterI’m proud to have been asked to write a chapter for this new anthology, Imagine It Better, published by Heinemann, of essays envisioning what schools could be.  Some of the contributors include Noam Chomsky, Andy Hargreaves, Sonia Nieto, Marc Prensky, and Peter Johnston.


Little Kids and Screens

Here’s my review in today’s Plain Dealer about a new book called “The Distraction Addiction.” I’m especially conflicted about this issue now that I’m a parent. Stephanie and I, so far, are keeping our kids away from screens, per the American Academy of Pediatrics who say that kids should be kept away from all screens before age two (and, preferably even age three). Our kids are 14 months old and don’t seem to be the slightest bit interested in watching television. Although I have to admit Viv seems fascinated with our iPhones. Decisions, decisions. I’d be interested in hearing from other parents about how you’ve handled toddlers and screens!